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Mineral Area College Transcript
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Mineral Area College Transcript (continued)
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Certificate in Computer Networking
Associate of Arts Computer Science
Associate of Applied Science Computer Networking
Associate of Science Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice
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Id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a few details about me. My name is JuLee Tinsley. For a large portion of my adult life I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay home and take care of my kids until they were in school full time. During this time, I worked out of the house helping my husband with his construction business. My responsibilities included answering phones, filing, setting appointments, typing contracts, and interviewing sub contractors that needed to hired for concrete, electrical, and other additional work. Working out of the home allowed for raising the children with very little child care expenses but also created a need to be well organized and efficient. It was quite a challenge to run the office, manage the house, and tend to two small children.

When the construction company began to use computers verses the old type writer the job became much easier but it added extra expenses to the small business. Computer repair courses would allow me to take care of maintenance on the system. Due to health problems my husband developed the business had to close so after completing the course, working on others computers of others and substitute teaching paid the bills. Being a small rural area it was a struggle to try to build a computer based bussines so I returned to college to farther my education and completed a double major in computer science and criminal justice with a minor in psychology. Independent of college I have studied to teach myself things that were not necessary for the degree but I believed would help me in the long run such as html and php for web design. While doing this short term temporary jobs would provide for my family but would not hinder my completion of college.

College is now finished. I believe that the college education, extra curricular studies, self employment, and the diveristy of experiences would be a great asset to your company. This portfolio contains personal, work, and educational history. You will also find included work examples and recommendations. I look forward to creating a long and lasting relationship with your company.